Casual Conscious Eats

Casual Conscious Eats

Our goal is to offer you a space that’s bright yet warm, and modern yet relaxed. In other words, no yoga mat required. We welcome eaters of all kinds—no judgements made.

Come in and sit down for a bite, or take it to go. Your choice.  

“Conscious eating is giving our body the nutrition it needs for optimal health, function, and energy. Nothing more or less.” It’s our goal to provide you with wholesome and delicious menu options to do just that. However we can, we commit to lowering our carbon footprint and preserving our planet’s water supply through our animal-free menu, mindful ingredient sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging.

We offer delicious plant-based varieties for all styles and taste buds, from vegetarian to tyrannosaurus. Breakfast, greens, bowls, smoothies, and sweet treats to name a few—we’ve got you covered.

‘Nuff said.

Who is kb?

KB&Co low-3401.jpg

Here are some fun facts about me.

  • I was born and raised in the Okanagan.
  • I have eight siblings. 
  • I have three crazy but very cool kids, and an extremely patient husband.
  • I went to Quiznos University (yes there’s such a place).
  • I love plants, as in I like to eat them. #omnomnom

My name is Kristina, also known as “KB”. I’m what I like to call a “casual conscious eater”. I'm also a passionate foodie and a lover of all foods, but sadly, not all foods choose to love me back. Ten years ago, I learned I had IBS and was lactose intolerant, so avoiding dairy and eating more plant-based foods became my lifestyle in efforts to feel better. The change was incredible! As The Edmonton Journal best put it, “Plant-based foods have proved (my) saviour”.

I’ve been a fast-casual restaurateur for most of my life, with short breaks in between. But it was during my employment for someone else that I realized how extremely challenging it was for me to eat out. There seemed to be limited options at a casual, grab-and-go level with menu items that I didn’t have to modify a few times. Yes, I'm that annoying customer, and I swear I’m not a princess—okay maybe a little.

So I thought to myself, given my background, my love for people, and my passion for healthy plant-based food, why not create a space for others who may be experiencing the same challenges?

And so here we are… Welcome to kb&co.